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Want to know what we do and who we are?


We play the original jazz from the good old days, music which makes you really happy, swinging so hard you simply have to move your feet!


We know, because we have performed in lots of places, at festivals, restaurants, pubs and parties in Sweden and in Italy, France and USA.


Our greatest source of pride and joy is the invitation we receive annually since the year of 2000 to participate in the “French Quarter Festival” in New Orleans, Louisiana, “The Birthplace of Jazz”. During this festival we perform in the big Kickoff Parade, on the International Stage and also daily at Fritzel´s Jazz Club on Bourbon Street. We were even once invited, as the first foreign band ever, to participate in “Battle of Bands”. Moreover, that old city itself, its magic atmosphere, its skillful and friendly musicians and “all that jazz”, constitute a wonderful experience, not least when the high-spirited inhabitants of New Orleans dance and prance in the street to our music! We are happy beyond words to go there every spring and intend to continue those trips as long as possible.


Canal Creepers New Orleans Jazz Band” was formed in 1993 (so 2013 we celebrated 20 years!) north of Stockholm by some of us, who enjoyed and played this lovely music already when we were young (or younger!). The “Mississippi of the region”, an old nearby canal, inspired the first part of our band name (and with also more than one glance at the “Canal Street Blues” by the great King Oliver, who named it after the magnificent street in New Orleans). – But, you may ask, why “Creepers”? Well, we simply needed another word beginning with a “C”…



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